The much dreaded September is here. Summer is officially over, school zones are back in effect and life starts its hectic run to the holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and whatever holiday you love to hate during December. But wait, I can’t let you slide without saying how I hope you enjoyed last year’s Winter, because if weather predictions are accurate it is going to be a harsh one this year. Blame it on La Nina ~ why did the boy get the warm wet weather and the girl gets all the harsh cold weather? Oh wait, don’t answer that. Fishermen of South America unite!

This month isn’t without its gifts. What better way to explain why during the school year the video games and TV is limited than the fact that football is on! The much-anticipated Season Opener starts with good old Minnesota and New Orleans. Fantasy football servers are once again over clocking processors as it is the most played online game. The average fantasy football player spends 9 hours a week on the game itself above and beyond watching said football. Not that I am complaining *cough* but I know those that are not particularly into the sport *blasphemy!* and they get stuck with dealing with this wonderful excuse to sit around and drink, eat and make a mess. You know who you are..

I just wish teachers at school calculated the football hours into the homework time. I’m the proud owner of a sophomore in high school. At least I am learning Geometry all over again.